Dottie will be in Nevada giving a talk to raise awareness regarding child trafficking and lecturing on what to look out for and how to be the solution in the community for its children.
The jury wholeheartedly agreed, and Kyle was found guilty of sex trafficking Abigail.
The Small Window of Opportunity to Free Abigail
I could not just allow people to be enslaved in the United States. I knew I could not give our children a country where slavery exists.
Operation Rescue Abigail Had Begun
I want EVERY parent of teens and young adults to know that their children are not safe in this world and especially in the state of Texas.
Real Life Adventures of Dottie Laster: Abigail Disappeared - Case Closed
In 2005, I was whisked away from Houston to Newport Beach, California for training from the Department of Justice and the Institute of Intergovernmental…
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Dottie Laster's Traffic Report